Down the Procurement Pub With Invapay, CIPS, ProcureCon, Vizibl and Electricity Bill

As we said yesterday, the CIPS Dinner had some sadness at its heart, fewer jokes and perhaps a little less wine consumed (actually, forget that comment), but you can’t sit in silent contemplation all night, so there was also positive celebration of CIPS, the profession and the achievement of individuals in it alongside the memories. As many people have said, David Noble left CIPS in a much stronger place than it was when he started, and really that is what we would all hope to do in any role.


It is some time since we featured Invapay here, but this week the firm was acquired by Global business-to-business payment solutions provider and virtual card specialist Optal. Our colleagues at Trade Financing Matters may well take a closer look at the deal; we’ll keep in touch on that.

“Invapay enables corporate buyers to use credit cards to pay suppliers who historically have not accepted card payments. Invapay's technology platform seamlessly integrates with the buyer's existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) through a simple plug and play payment API. Once integrated, the solution delivers a secure, data rich automated payment solution, with suppliers paid via EFT, eliminating the need to sign up to a merchant facility to receive payments by credit card”.


ProcureCon and CIPS announced they will be working together on a new celebration – the CIPS Supply Management Awards Europe. These awards will “benchmark excellence within supply chain and procurement and recognises the work of both organisations and individuals”. The award ceremony will take place on 17th October 2017, following the ProcureCon Europe conference day one, at the Hotel Palace in Berlin. This has been brewing for a while, with CIPS and the ProcureCon folk getting closer over the years. I’m told it is not a threat to Haymarket, who work with CIPS in the UK and Middle East, but it draws on the ProcureCon experience of building credibility and getting good attendance from pan-European firms and individuals. Maybe more of a competitive threat to Procurement Leaders perhaps? More info on entering here anyway.


More news from the solution provider side. Old Street Labs, founded by Mark Perera (Procurement Leaders co-founder) and Alex Short, has struck a deal with telecoms giant Vodafone for the firm to use the Vizibl supplier management platform to help manage the interface between Vodafone and key suppliers.  That looks like a huge deal for the tech firm, and we look forward to Mr Perera buying us a jolly good lunch after his billion $ IPO in a few years’ time … Seriously, well done to the team.


Here is something a little unusual.. this is a friend of mine and his best friend who create music as a hobby under the Electricity Bill name but are now putting it out there in the public domain. It crosses all sorts of genre boundaries, from country to rock to weird Zappa / Beefheart stuff.  This is probably at the wilder end of their repertoire but rather interesting we thought (the start is very odd.. give it a few seconds)!

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