Down the Procurement Pub with Jaggaer, Gartner, the NHS and Sampha

Raj Sharma, founder of Public Spend Forum, has been over from the US this week, so we’ve had a busy time.

We did fit in quite a few drinks – beer and tea, plus a Korean drink I'd never tried before that Raj recommended – and enjoyed a session at the Two Chairmen in Westminster with some public procurement friends, putting the worlds of procurement and politics to rights!


The latest Gartner magic quadrant for “strategic sourcing application suites” is out, and has been greeted by delight, acceptance and fury by different solution providers, depending of course which of the four mysteriously named quadrants they sit in. BravoSolution was the first firm to get into our inbox with an offer of the report – I wonder why? Oh yes, they came out really well again in the analysis, pretty much top of the pile! Get a copy of the report here, and see my US colleague Jason Busch’s immediate analysis here, insightful and quite amusing in places  – more on this next week.


It has been a worrying week for supporters of the National Health Service and indeed anyone who uses health services in the UK, with some excellent but shocking reporting by the BBC on the crisis in our hospitals (and indeed in primary and social care) In this article from the BBC website, “10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble”, the issues are laid out very clearly; do take a look. And our best wishes to all the procurement professionals who we know are working incredibly hard both to help meet the short-term demands and to make the longer-term changes necessary to drive efficiency and the right patient outcomes in the sector.


SciQuest, a source-to-pay tech provider, which still has a lot more profile in the US than Europe, has changed its name. Following its acquisition by private equity firm Accel-KKR, who took the business private a few months back, it is now Jaggaer. An “interesting” choice perhaps, there is plenty of scope to mis-spell that, and the two things it triggers in our head are an evil German drink and an ageing rock god with an unfeasibly young wife.  Jaggaer is to be pronounced Jagger, according to the CEO.


Here’s a good “impress the cool kids” tip today. The debut album from British songwriter, producer and artists Sampha has justifiably been getting rave reviews. He’s written for and lent vocals to mega-stars like Kanye, Drake and Solange, but this is the first time he has put himself out there as a lead artist, and it is very impressive. The broad R&B genre is producing perhaps the most innovative and interesting music around at the moment, and he shows that innovative side on the album, but Sampha also has a more “classic” side to this work, like this beautiful and moving piano ballad, written after the death of his Mother, which we suspect Elton John, McCartney or Stevie Wonder would be proud to call their own.


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