Down the Procurement Pub with Lonely Animals, Uber, the Tech Summit and Frightened Rabbit

I have a new phone, all ready to take much better pictures – and I then totally forgot to take any at this week’s Real World Procurement event with BravoSolution at Smith & Wollensky in London. So it will have to be yet another picture of the best pub in the world, the Struggler’s Inn in Lincoln, which I popped into this week on one of my regular visits to that city. And we’ll have more on the Real World event next week.


Good news! The New Indian Express website reports that Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, India has approved a programme for “animal exchange as well as procurement”. Many of the 42 species in the Park have suffered from a lack of partners, but the Central Zoo Authority has accepted proposals put forward by the state forest department, so mouse deer and striped hyenas (amongst others) will be moving around to encourage breeding. I think I would quite like to do procurement for zoos actually …


Only two weeks until the first conference dedicated to procurement technology, looking at current and future key issues for any procurement function or executive who aspires to be anywhere near leading edge… yes, it is the ISM /Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore, March 14th – 16th. Speakers from IBM, Amazon, the White House, Du Pont … etc. Anyone interested in a late booking, do drop me an email, psmith(at) - special deals available for our European readers!!


A short article from Paul Seddon of Expense Reduction Analysts caught our eye - all about Uber’s “corporate offering” for UK travel buyers. His conclusion – don’t get too excited just yet, although, as he says, “The offering may have some attraction to businesses who are already reimbursing significant amounts to their travellers who are making bookings on Uber”. But he makes some interesting comments then on the “duty of care” issues around Uber, Airbnb and their like – worth a read.


Frightened Rabbit have produced four very strong, distinctive, resolutely Scottish, generally quite dark but tuneful  indie rock albums without quite making the breakthrough we might have predicted a few years back. Did we say “dark”? Well, this is the first track to be released from the forthcoming (April) album and it is called Death Dream. The album will be titled Painting of a Panic Attack. Yup, dark. I was expecting this to switch from the slow introduction into some big crashing chorus, but it doesn’t – it builds in a much subtler manner, that I suspect will make this a track that will be more long-lasting and might even take them into the next division of the rock league tables…

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