Down the Procurement Pub with Meryl Bushell, BravoSolution, and VV Brown

Welcome to the very first ‘Down the Procurement Pub’ of 2014. I did wonder whether there would be anything to write about today, but a few interesting items came across my horizon this week. However, it was a very quiet New Year for us after a busier Christmas, so not much to report on the pub front really. So here's my current favourite 'everyday drinking' wine, the "Montes Twins" from the Chilean Montes house, a powerful Malbec / Cabernet blend packed full of dark fruitiness, courtesy of Majestic Wine, at just £8.99 a bottle when you buy 2 bottles or more...


The first point of procurement interest was a LinkedIn notification that Meryl Bushell, who was CPO of British Telecom for most of the noughties, has a new job. She worked in other areas for BT prior to her CPO role, but she certainly  ‘got’ procurement and also served on the CIPS Board for a while.  When I checked, her new  role turns out to be as a Crown Commercial Representative working with the Cabinet Office and with supplier management responsibility for Vodafone and Level 3 across UK government. She’s an experienced and impressive individual, and it is good to see an actual procurement person in a Crown Rep role, rather than the random selection of senior business generalists we’ve tended to get up to now. So congratulations to her and we wish her success and good luck!


BravoSolution are continuing their global expansion, with the focus switching to Australia. Last year saw their Dubai-based joint venture Tejari proving very successful in the Middle East; now they’ve opened an office in Sydney. And they’re recruiting for a couple of posts; a Spend Analyst and a Market Operation Specialist. Both require very strong analytical skills rather than vast procurement experience – and you have to be eligible to work in Australia. You can see more details here if you’re interested, or you know anyone who might be.


If you happen to try and look at Spend Matters in the dead of the night over the weekend, you may find the site is down for maintenance. It’s a bit more than maintenance actually, and we’ll tell you more about what is going on next Monday. But don’t worry, it’s all good!


For real pop music writing, not rock or alternative, just Pop with a capital P, you can’t beat Peter Robinson and the fizzy, funny and fantastic Popjustice website. Their top singles of 2013 showed immaculate taste in putting I Was a Fool by Tegan & Sara at number 1 and I Love It from Icona Pop at 2. With you on that, Peter... Their highest placed song that I didn’t previously know was Apple, by VV Brown, whose album I need to explore. It’s rather wonderful and a tonic for these stormy early days of 2014!

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