Down the Procurement Pub with Mr Mansell, Mr Smith, BravoHealth and The Family Rain

I intended to use this picture in my Trade Extensions piece the other day. This is the newly slim-line Garry Mansell (40 pounds lighter), their CEO, well, the back of his head anyway, in the business lounge of the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza hotel where we met for a chat. It is a really weird place, you don’t get the full effect here but it is a huge 14-story high atrium in the middle of the hotel. You could fit a Premier Inn into just this atrium. Great view over Westminster Bridge but we were the only people in this vast space at 11am, and it was really rather strange and a bit creepy. Expected zombies to emerge from behind the pot plants or something...  Nice snacks though.


If you are in the health sector – hospitals in particular - then there is an interesting webinar coming up on the 19th February  at 1pm (courtesy of BravoSolution and their BravoHealth division) looking at hospital spend analysis and benchmarking. We’ve seen a number of reports in recent years that identify major discrepancies in prices paid by hospitals for goods and services, and whilst some such reports weren’t very rigorous, there is no doubt that many opportunities remain.  The right analysis and relevant benchmarking can certainly help deliver better value for the NHS.

We’ll have more on this next week but you can register for the free lunchtime session here.


Mr David Smith, ex DWP Commercial Director and 2012 CIPS President, would like it to be known that retirement is most enjoyable. He looks fit and very tanned, and gave up alcohol for January which shows he has a lot more willpower than I possess, I’m ashamed to say. He does intend to do something workwise, but didn’t seem tempted by the idea of a full scale comeback tour yet ( there’s a vacancy at HMRC, I believe, with David Thomas moving on?)


The first debut album of this year from one of our previously tipped new bands is Under the Volcano from  the Family Rain, the three brothers from Bath. Out this week and sounds very good in a Kasabian / Kings of Leon / Band of Skulls tuneful but substantial  indie / rock / blues sort of manner.  This track is less instant than some on the album but it is all good stuff.

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