Down the Procurement Pub with Old Friends, NAO and Ultraviolet Fires

Here is Nancy Clinton of Spend Matters with Lizzie Fox (who will be known by many through her time at WBR, 4C Associates and Procurement Leaders) and Fabrice Saporito of Koble. We were having a very good and not too expensive lunch at Blandford Comptoir (a recommended venue)  to talk about the Koble roll-out.


It is the Basware Connect event next week, as we reported here, and in exciting late news, I'm now participating in the "Ask the Experts: Your Top Procurement Challenges Addressed" session with Guy Allen. The two of us will be getting to grips with the knottiest issues delegates can throw at us - should be a lively and perhaps controversial session! More details about the event here. (It's free to practitioners too).


At the Procurement Summit in Manchester this week, we bumped into an old friend, Graham Copeland, who last thing we knew was Sales and Marketing Director for Xchanging Procurement Services. To our surprise, he is now Director of (Indirect) Procurement for the Co-op, working with Fabienne Lesbros and Paul Johnson. We’ve heard a lot of talk about the need for sales skills in senior procurement roles; Graham’s appointment seems to sum up that thinking perfectly! Good luck to him.


Also on the people front, we’ve only just caught up with the news that Stefan Foryszewski left Tungsten earlier this year. Stefan was one of the founders of OB10, which became the heart of Tungsten, and was one of the real pioneers of electronic invoicing. He came at that from being a procurement and supply chain practitioner originally, and recently he was a driving force behind Tungsten’s innovative approach to spend analytics. We always had enjoyable and stimulating discussions with him, he’s undoubtedly one of the good guys, so we hope to catch up with what he’s doing now as soon as we can!


The UK’s National Audit Office has published this week an 84 page “interactive publication” titled “Commercial and contract management: insights and emerging best practice”.  It is focused in the main on post-contract award phases of the end-to-end process and at first sight, it looks excellent – lots of graphics as well as solid analysis and case studies / lessons learned based on the many reports NAO has produced related to this topic. We will have much more on this but if you can’t wait, here it is.  It is remarkable really that these days, some of the most impressive “intellectual property” around procurement and commercial activities is being produced not by a big consulting firm or  professional Institute but by our public sector audit body.


We failed last week to bring you music from Graham Bell’s band but we have now sorted out the technology.  Graham works for Capita Integrated Business Systems, selling procurement software by day but at night … he puts on his rockin’ shoes as a semi-professional musician, as his band (Ultraviolet Fires) play pubs, festival and other gigs in the North-West mainly. We really like this. Any other procurement musicians who want a plug here, do let us know – we do however apply a pretty strict quality control, I should say!

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