Down the Procurement Pub with Paul Martyn, DHL, BravoSolution and Lonely the Brave

This good looking gentleman is Paul Martyn, ex CMO of BravoSolution and now working to bring his commercial wizardry to Spend Matters in the USA. Particle physicist, professional chef, software entrepreneur, marketing analytics pioneer – is there no end to this man’s talents? And he enjoyed a pint or two of fine English beer and a plate of good Thai cooking with me at the Kings Head, near Waterloo, the second best pub in the UK …


Thanks to everyone who came to the sold-out BravoSolution Real World Procurement session this week, led by my friend and colleague Mr Guy Allen. He talked about "the Good, Bad and Ugly of Source to Pay Implementation" and I thought he was both very pragmatic in his comments, based on his real experience, but he framed it all strategically as well. There were a lot of folks attending one of these sessions for the first time which was also good to see, and there were some very interesting questions and comments from the audience - gave me a few ideas for future articles actually. We'll have more on this next week and give you a link to the slides as well. But if you missed the session, Guy will be running through it on two webinars on June 8th at 11am UK time for the European audience and again at 4pm UK / 11am EST designed for US listeners. (register now via that link).


Slightly odd article in the new Supply Management magazine – all about Nick Gerrard, who was CEO of NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC), the DHL-run business that supplies hospitals with … well, all sorts of stuff. Odd in that he has now left the role and even odder in that the article does not mention that the contract is coming to an end, DHL did not get the extension they might have and the new strategy will break up the monolithic NHSSC, making it less likely that DHL will win in the new world. Personally, we think Gerrard did a decent job but the “everything was wonderful” tone of the article sits a little strangely with what has actually happened.


If you haven't taken a look at the Spend Matters 50 to Know and 50 to Watch yet, you really should. We've definitely had a lot more interest in our lists this year, and the solution providers in our market are taking it more seriously (which of course means we have to keep explaining to the disappointed why they didn't make it ...)! Read Jason's article here for some explanation of how our process worked if you're interested!


We’ve featured some pretty varied music here in recent weeks but sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned rock – you know, the slightly tortured lead vocalist, anthemic lyrics, the pounding rhythm section, the guitar solos. Lonely the Brave, from Cambridge, are doing this pretty unfashionable genre as well as anyone on their second album, Things Will Matter, and we rather love it. For fans of Pearl Jam and Biffy Clyro … play that air guitar, fists and lighters in the air, and shake your long flowing hair (and that’s just the boys …)

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  1. Dan:

    Re: the Supply Management article – isn’t that par for the course at that publication? Its not exactly known for asking hard-hitting questions.

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