Down the Procurement Pub with Procurious, Messrs. Merrill and Kirstein, and Taylor-Hudson

Jason Busch was in town briefly so we had a few alternative pictures for you this week – but here is one taken by Mr Busch of the very excellent Lisa Malone and Tania Seary from procurement social media community Procurious, as we discussed our plans to collaborate, drive improvement in the procurement profession, and drink very decent Italian Red.


Belated congratulations to Alastair Merrill, who has been the Scottish Government’s CPO for the past five years. He is leaving to take up the role of Vice-Principal (Governance and Planning) at the University of St Andrews (the third-oldest University in the English-speaking world). That sounds quite amazingly important, and we are very impressed, although we believe it is a proper top-level management role rather than a job that entails dressing up in funny robes and awarding honorary degrees to TV personalities. I wouldn't say I know him well, but I had one highly enjoyable and stimulating evening at a CIPS Dinner drinking with Alastair and talking about procurement, music, politics and life in general. He achieved a lot in his CPO role and we wish him success in the new job.


I’m sure we could dress this up as having some sort of supply chain application or usefulness, but fundamentally this is just yet another website that can waste hours of your time if you are not careful . It is strangely compulsive, given it’s simply random Google Street views. That’s it. Yet ... OK, there goes another ten minutes of my life...


Our friend and guest author Richard Kirstein had an article published in leading marketing magazine Campaign recently. It is all about music licensing of course – the subject in which he is a true world-leading expert. It is based on a true story, all about an agency and a brand manager who found to their great cost that music licensing is something you really need to take seriously. Richard is not as scary in real life as he looks in the picture but it is well worth reading for any marketing services procurement folk!


We took Jason to a gig last night! It wasn’t a big raucous event at the Shepherds Bush Empire – tuneful rock and a bit of folk and blues from Southern, Mispers, and then young Irish duo Taylor-Hudson headlining. We saw Southern and Taylor-Hudson at Reading Festival last year and really enjoyed both, but the revelation last night were the excellent Mispers. We will come back to them next week but here is Taylor- Hudson with “Chasing Rubies” from their soon to be released debut album.


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