Down the Procurement Pub with SAP Ariba, HCSA, Osborne and Jay Som

It doesn’t seem appropriate to be joking about pubs today so we’ll just have another of my photos of Westminster. The security precautions are pretty tight at the Palace of Westminster, having been a visitor a few times myself in recent years, and of course the attacker didn’t get very far. But all those times I’ve walked past those policemen on the gate, and thought their main job was just to open and close the gates for cars.  But actually, they are on the front line, and tragically one has died – very sad, and as we said yesterday, our condolences and best wishes to anyone involved.


Helen Lisle hands over her Chairmanship of the Health Care Supply Association next week to Alan Hoskins. There is no doubt she has strengthened the organisation’s position – with the help of many others on the committee and beyond - and it now has a real voice within the health landscape. Even the Department of Health seems to be listening …! The Annual Conference is one of the biggest and best in the procurement world generally now, and there are more really good procurement professionals in the sector than ever – not to underestimate the challenges they face, of course. Congratulations to Helen on a very successful two years, we will hear more from her I’m sure, and all our best wishes to Alan. Here is her “farewell letter”.


Just after we published our article about George Osborne’s job at Blackrock, and the potential conflicts of interest, it was announced that he is going to be Editor of the Evening Standard as well. Words fail me really. Sometimes the nature and shamelessness of the ruling elite shines through in a manner that might turn even the most naturally conservative of us into revolutionaries. As we said in that article, ACOBA, the body that regulates MPs’ and civil servants’ activities, needs to do something or be forever a joke, and Osborne must stand down as an MP.


Our Spend Matters US colleagues have been living it up this week in Las Vegas at the SAP Ariba event. You can read a range of very interesting posts from the team (here is just one but do browse the US site for more), and it sounds like SAP Ariba are getting on the front foot with initiatives in interesting areas such as supplier diversity and Blockchain for instance. The firm has been hit competitively (by Coupa in particular) in recent years, but maybe this is the beginning of the fightback?


We love bringing you great new music and artists that enable you to impress your colleagues, children, friends, postman … So here is 22 year old Melina Duterte, who works and records mainly in her bedroom and whose debut album as “Jay Som” just got a rave review from the pretentious but zeitgeist-savvy and super-smart Pitchfork website. It is a very varied album, but this is Baybee and it is simply gorgeous. This deserves to be a real, old-fashioned hit record, but with the pop world obsessed with the calculating, evil genius that is Ed Sheeran, it won’t.


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