Down the Procurement Pub with Scanmarket, Creditsafe and Pinegrove

This has been quite a busy week – I have had a period without too much socialising but this week started with the CIPS Fellows Wine Tasting, then a trip to the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A Museum, the LUPC / SUPC conference, my monthly trip to Lincoln and the best pub in the world for non-exec duties, and then Manchester (see below). So let’s go for a picture from the CIPS wine tasting, as a bunch of very senior procurement people show that they are totally unable to tell their Merlot from their Malbec, their Semillon from their Sauvignon Blanc … But it was good to see so many old friends and meet some interesting new people. You always learn something too – I didn’t know that Dyson is opening a retail store in London, looking to do what Apple has done with its retail presence. It’s an interesting idea for the firm, who as we also found out are looking to develop their procurement capability further.  


But overshadowing everything else, it’s been an intensely sad week as the consequences of the Manchester bombing become clearer; children and teenagers cut down far too young for no reason at all by a despicable lunatic. An eight-year-old girl. Young sweethearts on a special night out. If you are reading this on Friday, I am in Manchester at the Dot to Dot music festival, a brilliant celebration of 150 mainly up and coming artist across 20 different venues  in the city (tomorrow is Nottingham, Sunday Bristol). There must have been debates around whether it would go ahead, but of course stopping this sort of thing is what the lunatics want so we should not give them the pleasure of seeing that reaction.


Scanmarket and Basware have announced a tie-up – “Scanmarket A/S today announced that it has added Basware as a new solution partner for Purchase to Pay (P2P). Scanmarket can now recommend Basware Purchase-to-Pay and its supplier network to its customers to automate procurement and finance processes and connect with over one million organizations on the world’s largest open business network”. You can read a lot more about this on our Spend Matters US site.


Data sourced by Creditsafe to create their Prompt Payment Premier League, has revealed English Premier League Clubs have overdue invoices totalling £1.3million and 20% are late by 20 days or more beyond the agreed payment terms.

Following the conclusion of the Premier League season yesterday, Creditsafe has compiled their own alternative league table based on how promptly premier league clubs pay their suppliers and the value of invoices that are outstanding. Manchester United who place 19th in the Prompt Payment Premier League have 63 outstanding invoices totalling £857,183, making up 66% of the total value of outstanding invoices owed by all Premier League clubs. Interestingly, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United all find themselves in or around the relegation zone. 


Tonight I hope to see a new musical discovery for me – Pinegrove, an Indie / Americana band from New Jersey that manage to sound fresh yet part of a long tradition at the same time. Reminds me a bit of early Richmond Fontaine and engages with my emotions pretty thoroughly in a manner that’s hard to describe.

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