Down the Procurement Pub with the Spend Matters 50s, Politics, NHS Procurement and RedFaces

We wrote about our exciting last week / weekend on Monday so not so much to talk about today. So here is a picture of our first Pimm’s of the year, enjoyed last night in front of the computer on a very pleasant evening (weather-wise anyway).

Actually, to be quite honest, it is Austin’s, the Aldi alternative to Pimm’s. No, it is not quite as good. But it is really quite a lot cheaper …


If you missed the webinar from our US colleagues Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell this week, you can still catch it here. They talk about the Spend Matters 50 to Watch and 50 to Know lists of most interestign and relevant solution providers, the Spend Matters solution maps and related topics and if you are at all interested in procurement technology and services it’s well worth a listen.


This has been one of the strangest election campaigns in the UK in my lifetime. The predictions have gone from a Tory landslide to the party losing seats, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, has been surprisingly impressive and it has become clear that Prime Minister Theresa May can’t do “informal” or connect with people in unstructured situations. But Labour’s plans are financially undeliverable, and it is hard to imagine him negotiating in Brussels. But on the other hand, May has not impressed as a leader or negotiator either. Our prediction – we end up with the parties pretty close to where they are now, and the whole thing will appear at least to have been a waste of time.


Jonathan Wedgebury, one of the best known folk in NHS procurement, is no longer in his role as Managing Director of HealthTrust Europe, one of the largest NHS procurement collaborative bodies. HTE itself is part of the huge American HCA healthcare group. We don’t know anything more about this at the moment but suspect we may have more information next week …


Here’s a good rousing bit of indie rock from RedFaces, a young Sheffield band who were one of the stand-out acts from last week’s Dot-to-Dot music festival that we attended in Manchester. It won’t change the world but they were great fun and very engaging.


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