Down the Procurement Pub – Transformation, PAC, Doctor Who, Catfish and the Bottlemen

Thanks to everyone who came to our BravoSolution hosted “Real World Sourcing” session on Wednesday. The topic was Procurement Transformation, and featured lots of really insightful material (we hope) plus even more importantly, a quiz!  Congratulations to the winners, seen in our picture here. We’ll have more on the session next week but just for fun and for the weekend, here’s one of the quiz rounds . How about “transforming” these five anagrams, all with a procurement connection:

1.            Order cop recruitment

2.            Mends pet rats

3.            A shop recurred

4.            Rusticates corn gig

5.            Bonus violator


We’ll have more on it next week probably, but I watched the Public Accounts Committee hearing on “Managing Government Suppliers” held on Monday this week, and found it a genuinely depressing experience. And that’s not a criticism of the civil servants involved, including Bill Crothers and Stephen Kelly of Cabinet Office. I would have liked to hear more of Les Mosco, who brought an experience and calm assurance to the proceedings every time he opened his mouth – except when he took the flak for an MOD IT failure that is nothing to do with him!

The level of questions and the lack of understanding of what are complex issues amongst the Committee is the worry really. I thought they also tipped over into treating some of the witnesses with a lack of respect too.  But the big news is that “open book” contracts are apparently going to solve all our problems. Oh well, it gives us something to write about. “Why open book is not a panacea to all our procurement problems”. Look out for that shortly!


Following our procurement review of Doctor Who, there was a more significant anniversary this week with the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Would our world have been different if a bullet had taken just a marginally different trajectory?  Who knows – but my colleague at Spend Matters US, Pierre Mitchell, has written an excellent article here on JFK’s his legacy and its implications for procurement people.  Highly recommended for both its general insight and the procurement angles.


Disappointment this week, as we missed Catfish and the Bottlemen, who had to pull out of supporting the Family Rain gig in London. But here’s their excellent song, Rango, and look out for them as another tip for 2014 (as indeed are The Family Rain).

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