Down the Procurement Pub with Wetherspoons, the EU Directives, CIPS MENA and Angel Olsen

Beer highlight of the week was a pint of excellent Fuggle-Dee-Dum from Goddards – a delicious malty, hoppy ale, served in the Lord Moon of the Mall this week. I was with a mystery Head of Procurement, catching up on some of the latest Whitehall gossip. The pub is just off Trafalgar Square - here is my picture of dusk on Wednesday with the Column, the Eye in the background and the large blue... chicken...

Aren’t Wetherspoons pubs great though?  I was in Leeds last week, my favourite gastro pub was unfortunately shut for the evening (the Town Hall Tavern, highly recommended), but went to ‘Spoons instead , 8 interesting real ales, a young couple acting out their very own Alan Bennett-esque life drama at the next table, and a large plate of gammon, egg, chips, peas AND a pint of bitter for £7.99! That’s value for money for you...


The new EU procurement directives have been agreed at European level and are now ready to be transposed into national law.  We haven’t said a lot about the changes yet, but will do so in the next few days. However, rather than just report the facts, I want to approach it from a slightly different angle.

Most of the changes look like pretty sensible and positive steps, to be honest. But we’re interested in what are the unexpected or hidden risks or dangers in the new regulations? What might leap out and bite the unwary procurement person? Which changes might we regret in two years time? So we’re thinking about this now – but we’d very much like any thoughts from readers on this. If there are any aspects that you’ve seen in the new Regs that look at all worrying, please drop us a comment. Thanks!


We’ve featured Guy Allen’s thoughts on the Emirates for the last couple of days. And on May 12th procurement folk in the region have the CIPS Middle East Conference to enjoy. Chair is David Smith – wait, that’s a familiar name.. oh yes, THAT David Smith! There’s also Peter Rushton on the bill, (another CIPS Past President), as well as Ian Heptinstall of PMMS (who used to comment regularly here but seems to have deserted us...). Then we have some eminent local speakers including Wael Safwat, Director of Central Procurement, MENA, Majid Al Futtaim Properties ; Mohammed Kapital Al Bastaki, CPO, Jumeirah Group and Abdulla N. Al-Naemi, Procurement Director, Qatar Foundation. You can book here.


We’ve got our first album reviews of the year over the weekend here, so look out for that. One album we will b featuring is Burn your fire for no witness (no, me neither) from this lady – Angel Olsen. She looks like a cute girly singer-songwriter type, but there’s more too her than that as you can hear. It’s  interesting stuff, quite hard to classify, but certainly a real talent.

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