Down the Procurement Pub at the Wolseley with another critical contract management report and Sivu

You can see some more pictures from the Real World Sourcing series dinner the other night, like this one of the Wolseley,  courtesy of Sarah Clarke of BravoSolution, at this Flickr address.  As you can see, we had a great view over the whole restaurant from our mezzanine floor table, so we were able to spot Bill Nighy and a Pet Shop Boy (Chris Lowe) having dinner. Not together, I should stress. An excellent restaurant for celeb spotting – and place that is busy from breakfast at 7am (very good, need to book, but not horribly expensive), through lunch and afternoon tea to dinner up to midnight. Seating well over 100, I doubt many restaurants in the UK have a bigger annual turnover.


Don’t forget we’ve been asking you for stories about either:

a. how you have used your procurement skills successfully in ‘real life’  or

b. occasions when your skill shave let you down or haven’t worked so well in different contexts!

We’ve got some nice examples as comments on that original piece, but let’s have some more...  And there will be prizes for the winning entries!


There’s another report out criticising how the UK government (or the civil servants within it, really) manages contracts.  The House of Commons Liaison Committee – the chairs of various parliamentary select committees -  has put together a report that covers a number of well publicised failures, and concludes that the civil service is “not equipped to support consistent contract management”. this is based on a session they had with the Prime Minister in September, and you can read the report here – I will read it over the weekend and decide whether there’s anything new or exciting in it worth reporting next week.


Thanks to young (by the standards of most of us) James at the dinner the other night for recommending Sivu. A fairly new artist who hadn’t come across my radar until now, and I like this very much indeed. Rather Wild Beasts-like, a compliment indeed, and someone else to look out for in 2014.

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  1. Alphabet Bands:

    Not come across your radar? Peter I am surprised, I thought you’d have picked up on him ages ago as he is very much up your street.

    Sivu has had a great 2013 and we made him our Number One artist to Listen Out For in 2014:

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