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This week we’re catching up on external reports (as well as our recent Spend Matters efforts ) that are well worth reading before you disappear off for your well deserved Christmas holidays. Or why don’t you do some reading over the break? You know it will prove useful for when you get back to work in January. And frankly, reading about the future of procurement, the state of the recruitment market, or one of our own special Christmas papers (entertaining but with a serious message) is likely to be more interesting than the East Enders or Downton Christmas specials. (I mean, you know what’s going to happen there, don’t you?)

So let’s start today with recruitment. And yes, another quarter has gone by and Edbury Daley, specialist procurement recruiters, has issued their latest Quarterly Market Update on the procurement recruitment market, which includes their “Indirect Spend Index”, which analyses the type of roles seeing the most recruitment action.

Overall, it is another positive picture, with vacancies up. “This quarter our data shows a 29% increase in the overall level of procurement vacancies during the quarter versus Q2”. Indeed, the firm sees more recruiting organisations failing to fill vacancies first time around, putting more pressure on the market.

The leading category in terms of roles is IT, according to the analysis.

Technology remains the leading category in demand terms with a 40% share of all advertised vacancies. IT spend continues to be an area with huge potential for competitive advantage for companies. This is reflected in the seniority of “global IS category” or “head of technology sourcing” roles which exist in many firms that do not have similar level positions for other categories of spend.

For many businesses, IT has transformed from being simply an internal support function to becoming customer facing too, with e-commerce channels, internet retailing and the exponential growth of mobile technology used by its customers. Naturally, this creates a far greater need for procurement support for these business critical activities”.

There has also been a spike in demand for procurement and supply chain transformation consultants, with both the big firms and smaller niche players active in the market. That offers interesting opportunities to procurement people from the practitioner side of things to move into the consulting world - as well as for existing consultants to move forward and upwards in their careers. Edbury Daley see some “realignment on salaries” to come if firms want to attract the right talent in this area.

This is typical of the interesting commentary around the core data in the report, which makes it well worth a read for procurement practitioners at all levels, particularly if you are recruiting or wanting to be recruited. Here is some good final advice for recruiters from the firm.

“Quick, agile recruitment processes are increasingly valuable in the battle for talent, particularly in indirect spend areas, consulting and spend management technology. If you face delays in your processes you are much more likely to lose desirable candidates to your competition”.

Very true. And do read the whole report here.

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