Procurement Recruitment – Latest Edbury Daley Quarterly Report

The latest procurement recruitment Quarterly Market Update is out now, courtesy of Manchester-based recruitment experts Edbury Daley. You can download it here.

It covers the final quarter of 2014, a year in which the market for procurement jobs was very buoyant. The report shows a small dip in the number of current vacancies reported between quarter three and quarter four, but the longer-term trend continues upwards and Edbury Daley believes the short-term effect is purely down to normal seasonal factors as we approached Christmas.

That is borne out by a strong start to 2015, which is mentioned in the report, but not of course covered fully by the data as yet. That is interesting because there have been a few signs of a slight slowdown in the UK economy based on some wider recent statistics. But our market seems to be remaining strong.

IT procurement continues to be the most sought-after area with vacancies accounting for almost half the total jobs advertised. In other category areas there has been little change from previous reports with “general indirects” slipping back from a busy Q3 to more normal levels according to the report.

Within the overall picture, graduates with two to five years’ experience are still highly sought after and organisations are "surprised at the level of competition and salaries and benefits packages that even average candidates can command." Good news if you’re above average then!

In the solution provider space, consulting and technology firms continue to be active and demand continues to be very high. There just aren't enough experienced people to go round. So "counter offers at resignation stage were common at the end of 2014 as companies fought to keep their best people from joining direct competitors and this will only fuel the upward salary trend in this market."

Yet overall, candidates are still mentioning long delays in the hiring process, which in a strong market means some potential employers are losing out through indecision, incompetence, or lack of commitment. If the market continues to be buoyant in 2015, this suggest that some employing organisations really need to look at their recruitment processes!

Edbury Daley suggest that we are on the cusp of a skills shortage in key areas of the procurement profession. But, as they say, actions speak louder than words and organisations really need to get their act together to hire and retain the best people. And of course a good recruitment firm can help clients not only find the right people but make sure their own internal processes are in shape to enable them to achieve this.

It is another interesting report from the firm and well worth a look -  you can download it here Quarterly Market Update Q4 2014

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