Procurement recruitment market update from Edbury Daley

Edbury Daley is a recruitment firm that we've been vaguely aware of for a while, without having had any serious contact. I don't think their consultants ever rejected me for a CPO role back in the days when I dealt with procurement recruiters in anger, as it were.  But the firm has produced an interesting report on procurement recruitment – it has been doing these quarterly updates for a while, but this is the first I’ve seen.

The survey pulls in data from a wide range of sources of advertised procurement roles.  That was my first question of course – is this just your data? No, this looks at several hundred roles over the quarter. The data is then analysed by type of job (category manager, etc) and by level / salary.

It all provides an interesting snapshot into the market, as well as some general commentary from the firm based on its experience as active participants in the recruitment business, and there are obvious reasons why both practitioners and procurement leaders should want to know about the state of that procurement recruitment market. The first quarter results for 2014 showed that steady growth through 2013 was being sustained rather than increased further, in line with the better economic news of recent months in the UK. Here are some of the other headlines.

  • Competition for the best procurement people remains fiercest in the middle market. i.e. salaries between £40k-£80k.
  • Category expertise in technology is the most sought after area of specialist knowledge with 38% of overall demand in the first quarter of 2014. But it’s interesting to note that this category seems to be seeing a decline in popularity relative to categories such as professional services.
  • There are encouraging signs for the interim market as the pressure on supply in the full time market impacts upon the ability to recruit permanent head count.
  • Leadership roles for small to medium size procurement functions have been more commonplace since the latter part of 2013.

We're hoping to make this survey a regular feature here, but for now, you can read or download the last quarter’s  here Q1 2014 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index .

And the previous quarterly reports on recruitment market conditions  are available here.


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