Procurement Recruitment – Purcon see hopeful signs

Purcon have been one of a small number of recruitment firms that have really specialised in procurement for many years and have therefore a very good understanding of our market and profession.  They've got good coverage usually across permanent / interim, public and private sector roles.

Talking to them recently, they feel the jobs market has definitely picked up in the last couple of months, particularly permanent roles in the private sector.  Now, even though public sector procurement will be very important after the election in terms of driving savings, I suspect there isn't going to be much actual recruitment of new procurement staff.  So let's hope the private sector can pick up the slack and job opportunities there continue to be healthy.

Anyway, I just checked and there are 47 permanent jobs advertised on the Purcon website, which looks pretty healthy. I've also linked to them on our 'blogroll' below.

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  1. peter:

    Hi Peter,

    it sounds like a marketing action for purcon. Reviewing that site as well talking to them it seems that almost of the publicated jobs aren´t up2date. I am working in the same area since I am a procurement professonal with over than 10j experience mainly the IT Area. Working today for establish my own “company” I do not want to proceed as some other agengices may works e.g. publicating fake roles just to win some more cv for their database. I know about the importancy of an appriopriate cv database but, so my strategie, you shall be open and honest to the candidate telling “I am looking to save your cv my my database” instead of “I have a project for you”….. if not so.

    What do you think about? I am open for that discussion and by the way, not all agencies are working as the above as well not saying purcon or anyother are always working in that manner…..just saying that is a common procedere not always fair to us.

    All the best

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