Procurement recruitment report from Edbury Daley – a buoyant market

Edbury Daley are a growing procurement recruitment firm based in Altrincham, Cheshire, and founded by Andrew Daley and Simon Edbury. Peter Brophy, ex Proxima and an experienced procurement recruiter, also joined them recently, and he wrote a couple of interesting guest articles for us here around his experiences.

The firm also produces a quarterly recruitment report, and the latest has just been published on their website here. It is free to view or download, and you don’t even have to register. It looks very specifically at the procurement market, and what we like about it is the combination of hard data, collected from job adverts, which provides input to the findings, allied with a perceptive analysis from a team who are highly active in the day to day procurement recruitment market. So we’ll give you a snapshot of the overall findings today, and in part 2 we’ll look at the category-related conclusions.

The headline is a continuing improvement in the market for procurement and related roles, a trend that goes back to last year but is still moving in a positive direction. That is evidenced by the following signs, according to the report:

  • Clear upward movement in salaries and critically much greater will­ingness to flex budgets to hire the requisite skills
  • Bigger salary increases at offer stage to head off any attempted counter-offer upon the candidate’s resignation
  • Hiring managers facing less internal resistance to increasing head­count
  • Increased investment in procurement technology and the specialist skills required to harness its true capability.

The second is an interesting point; the firm are seeing recruiting companies in effect pre-empting the current employer, who might offer a salary increase to keep a good person who announces (s)he is leaving. So bear that in mind – you might not be able to retain your people simply based on that approach.

At the top end, moves at CPO level not surprisingly are still relatively few. But there are two areas where Edbury Daley see particularly strong competition. The first is for what we might call “second jobbers”, as organisations compensate for recruiting fewer new graduates during the 2008-12 recession.

Typically graduates with strong academic records followed by two to five years procurement experience. Salaries for such people are moving upwards relatively quickly as organisations scramble to hire the next generation of future procurement leaders. This has been intensified by organisations reducing the size of their graduate intakes during the recession and although recruitment is increasing again in this area, it will take 3-5 years for this ‘supply’ pressure to ease. We predict this will become even more inten­sively competitive to recruit.”

The second area of strong competition is for established Category Leaders, who are defined like this.

Deep category expertise, with 10 years plus of good experience, backed up ideally with experience of international sourcing and certainly with well refined relationship management skills”.

In part 2 we will look at what the report says about demand for more specific roles, including certain categories as well as procurement technology specialists and the like. But you can download the full report here in the meantime.

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