No US procurement round up this week – All the Way From Memphis instead

Jason Busch of Spend Matters US is over here for a couple of days flying visit, and Sheena Moore who usually writes our Friday US summary has gone on holiday (disgraceful!). So I'm afraid we don't have our usual round up this week from across the Atlantic.

So instead, with an incredibly fine thread type linkage with our normal procurement highlights, I'm going to propose that this is the finest rock song of all time. Spot the American theme here, even if it is by a band whose roots are in Hereford and Northampton - two quintessentially English towns / regions.

I can think of nine reasons why this is the greatest rock and roll record of all time - anyone want to volunteer more - or disagree?
(Actually, the live version loses a couple of my reasons compared to the recorded version - lack of the saxophone particularly).


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