Procurement salary survey – we say “really”???

Supply Management reports on the latest CIPS Croner salary survey.

Senior and middle-ranking purchasing managers are generally on higher wages than equivalents in HR, marketing, finance, IT and sales - and above the national average, according to the CIPS Salary Survey for 2011.

I obviously had a disappointing career, because nowhere I worked did the Procurement Director earn more than the CFO. In fact, I tended to report to the CFO, who, at NatWest for instance, took home several times my salary. So, I have difficulties accepting the results here, certainyl at the more senior levels.

For more evidence, I had a look back at the BBC top job salaries that were published. There appear to be 11 HR people on the list, 7 Finance... and one from Procurement. 6 of the HR people earn more than the CPO.

More evidence; there is no major Government Department where the CPO sits on the Board. In every case, the CFO does, and in many, so does the HR Head.

So I'm prepared to believe that 'middle level' procurement managers earn similar amounts to middle-level HR, IT or Finance staff, but if we really think we're in an equivalent position at the top end, I think we're fooling ourselves. There's a couple of industry sectors that may be exceptions (retail buying being an obvious one, but that to me is a fundamentally different profession, being a combination of commercial and marketing skills.)

It is interesting to see that the survey also suggests salaries have gone down in the last year - not surprising given the overall state of the economy. And maybe lots of out of work public sector consultants willing to take permanent jobs at below market rates!

Anyway, anyone like to tell me I'm wrong and they're earning more than their CFO?

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  1. Effwhitt:

    We all like to flex our professional indignation over erroneous single-tender awards. How about putting uncompeted / contrived senior appointments in the gallery too?

  2. Peter Smith:

    Love the idea fo the gallery of recruitment shame….Will definitely look at that ..
    I remember a public sector job a while ago in SM that I honestly felt I wouldn’t have been quailifed for – they wanted so much in the way of experience, knowledge etc – £18,500 a year.

  3. bitter and twisted:

    Sort of off-topic, but Id like to see a Spend Matters Gallery Of Recruitment Shame. Post or link to real purchasing job ads that are rubbish – badly described, badly conceived, criminally underpaid, etc.

  4. Chris Chapman:

    Can anyone show me the job adverts paying these salary rates?

    This has been going on for years – often emanating from certain recruitment agencies possibly trying to jack up the industry view on rates and hence their commissions?

  5. Rob:

    One can download a summary. Surveys says that Procurement Directors are top by nudging £96,000 a year – it doesn’t align to the salary of any CPO/Director that I know (ie: well below). Perhaps there were a lot of respondees from Barnsley and Burnley – who knows.

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