Procurement-as-a-Service – High-Priority or Hype?

We’ve got a few webinars coming up from later this month and through March – all free on registration.

On March 7th, I will be talking about “The Evolution of Procurement – Alignment, Flexibility and Procurement-as-a-Service”.  Also speaking is Jon Milton, Business Development Director of Comensura, who manage contingent labour spend and other complex service spend for many clients in the public and private sectors.

Jon is a very thoughtful guy, and we’ve had interesting discussions previously about how procurement needs to be positioned in large organisations; he often sits across the table from procurement leaders and has a balanced and insightful view of the issues and opportunities for the profession, as well as strong views on how his firm needs to respond to today’s challenges.

I’m going to talk about how procurement has developed over recent years, moving away from a focus on process and compliance to something much more business aligned and dynamic. Well, that’s what we would like to think, anyway, but it doesn’t always look like that to our stakeholders, internal and external! So what can we do to show we really are “aligned with the business” as we would all like to be?

I’m also going to touch on the “procurement as a service” (PaaS) concept. This is being talked about more and more, but is there anything substantial and tangible behind the idea, or is it all just a snappy phrase and a bandwagon for solution providers and the procurement media to jump onto? Before we can answer that question, we need to understand what on earth PaaS really means, so I’ll be going through my view on that, and then discussing whether it is important for procurement functions to understand and even act on the concept.

Jon will then be looking at how some of the principles of procurement should apply in specific complex service categories. These are areas where procurement typically has demanding stakeholders, and has sometimes struggled to make an impact. So both procurement and their key suppliers need to understand what those stakeholders expect today, and how to satisfy their needs in a challenging business environment.

The format for the session will be two short presentations, then some discussion between Jon and me which we will open up to Q&A from the audience – all packed into 45 minutes max. Do sign up now for March 7th; 4pm in the UK, which is 5pm in western Europe, 11am in New York …

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