Procurement surveys – get real insight from Future Purchasing and State of Flux

Two of the best surveys in the procurement industry are in the data collection phase currently, with the incentive that those organisations who participate and provide (confidential) data and input then get a free copy of the output, which historically in both cases has been of very high quality.

Future Purchasing have launched their 2014 Category Management study. They've probably developed more high quality intellectual property over the years than anyone in this field, including even the giant consulting firms. With procurement guru extraordinaire Jon Hughes largely retired now, they've lost his day to day input, but the signs are that they are continuing to be very strong as both 'thinkers' and deliverers in terms of category management improvement. The survey gets over 300 firms responding, so it is a good opportunity to benchmark your performance.

So it is worth the time to access and complete their survey here – it takes 15 minutes to complete and if you provide your email address you will get a copy of the findings before they are publically available. And they’ve even got a free draw for an iPad if you get your response in before the end of this week.

Then we have the State of Flux annual Supplier Relationship Management survey. This has grown into the leading review in its field, going well beyond simple survey results into serious analysis, best practice advice and recommendations for readers.

This is the sixth year for the survey, yet SRM continues  to be the enigma of the procurement and supply chain world - everyone can understand the benefits conceptually, yet so many organisations fail to achieve the hoped for benefits from their SRM programmes. Previous State of Flux reviews have usefully highlighted some of the critical success factors that can make sure programmes do deliver, so again, this is worth completing the survey in return for getting a free copy of the output. The final report is valuable and indeed State of Flux sell it commercially to organisations who don’t participate in the survey, so it is well worth a few minutes of your time.

You can access that survey here, and the deadline in this case is June 13th.

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