Procurement technology in 2013 – Jason Busch looks at P2P futures

Jason at Spend Matters US is publishing a series of predictions about the procurement and supply chain / spend management technology market - an absolute must-read if you have any interest in how our profession uses technology.

His first, here, covers the P2P space.  While his outlook is a little US centric, he does feature European vendors; he sees the Finnish e-invoicing and P2P specialist Basware as a very interesting player for instance. In other areas, there are European players that offer interstign alternatives to some of the firms he covers. So when he talks about major players allowing themselves " to get flanked in specialized markets (e.g., life sciences, higher education and public sector) where SciQuest and others are building critical mass", I would mention Science Warehouse as perhaps our nearest European 'equivalent' to SciQuest.

There are also a whole host of small - and some not so small - P2P players in the UK - and I suspect in other European countries.  WaxDigital, ProcServe, and EGS immediately come to mind as interesting players in this space. Jason predicts consolidation in the sector, which seems very likely as the market matures; so some of these names will I suspect either become acquirers or acquired over the next few years.

But anyway, do take 5 minutes to read Jason's thoughts. Whether his take on 2013 proves to be accurate or not, it's an illuminating article. And we'll let you know when he looks at other areas (such as sourcing and suppleir information) within the overall spend management sector.

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