Procurement Technology Developments – Separating the Hype from the Reality

Next month, June 12, we have a new webinar in association with GEP – a global leader in unified procurement and supply chain solutions for direct and indirect spend.

The webinar is designed to help CPOs and procurement practitioners make sense of the many technology developments happening in the market right now, and the new solutions and digital resources that soon will be impacting the procurement industry. As a procurement and supply chain consulting powerhouse, GEP is well placed to advise on what the market has to offer, how to determine what is the best fit for you and where to invest for your digital future – regardless of where you sit on your procurement journey.

Spend Matters’ Jenny Draper, with over 20 years of experience in international procurement and co-founder of e-Three in the UK, will be conducting a Q&A style interview with Paul Blake, GEP’s director of technology marketing. Jenny will bring to bear her knowledge of procurement consultancy, facilitated by strategic procurement technology, on the discussion as she questions Paul about:

  • The most significant trends in procurement technology development, especially in S2P
  • How technology like blockchain, AI and RPA can help procurement in practice
  • The emerging tech that will help mitigate supply chain and CSR risks
  • The best way to invest and what to expect for your budget out to the next three years

Paul leads the technology product marketing team at GEP and has worked in technology for over 25 years. He has been involved in the development of procurement software solutions since before the advent of the internet and has gained some deep insight into how technology evolves. Having run the development team that delivered Europe’s first B2B trading platform in the 1990s and implemented eCommerce networks on three continents in the early 2000s, he has long-term experience of the trends and developments that affect procurement professionals.

He will be able to discuss what we know for certain now, through to what we can speculate about for the next three years. Paul will put those trends into context to help you sort the reality from the hype to make more informed, better decisions about your digital transformation agenda.

The webinar will run for just 45 minutes and there will be time for you to ask your questions at the end. So do join us on June 12th at 2.30 pm BST / 9.30 am EST.

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