Procurement technology; valuable content from Spend Matters US

Jason Busch and the US Spend Matters team have been very productive over the last few weeks and there are some new research papers available to download, free of charge, at the Spend Matters US site.

He’s done something I’m very pleased to see, which is written some ‘primers’; papers that don’t assume the readers are already experts in procurement technology issues.  While they don’t cover every supplier, and that includes some strong but fairly ‘local’ providers in European markets, they are very wide-ranging but concise, and are relevant for anyone interested in procurement technology. I’m certainly finding them very useful personally!

Two are now available:  in the first, A Foundational Look at P2P Technologies, he looks at how P2P technology has developed to handle the transactional side of procurement; the cycle from requisitioning to ordering, receipt and payment, with branches into areas such as cataloguing and supplier networks. As he says:

This Spend Matters Compass paper explores the market state of P2P platforms from basic, hosted e-procurement capabilities to broader deployments combining both best-of-breed and ERP technology components. The analysis starts by looking at common pitfalls and challenges in P2P implementations and then covers the range of benefits that companies can expect to achieve through different types of technology deployments.  The paper ends with specific recommendations to take into consideration in selecting P2P systems.

His second paper, A Foundational Look at the Evolution of Sourcing Technology and Platforms, looks at Sourcing software designed to support the contracting and contract management process. In Jason’s words:

This paper explores the evolution of sourcing platforms from the basic reverse auction/RFX/e-sourcing capabilities of yesteryear to the more advanced sourcing and commodity management platforms available today. In the analysis, we recommend different solution types and packages based on overall company sophistication, maturity, and spend portfolio mix (e.g., complex vs. raw material, direct, indirect, services, etc.). It also provides shortlists of vendors that offer different types of solutions.

The papers are relatively short, written in an accessible style, and I’d thoroughly recommend that you download and read them, wherever you currently are on your own personal, and corporate, technology maturity / understanding curve.

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