Down the Procurement Thai with David Brown, Huawei, Lincoln and Pale Waves

Jason Busch was briefly in town this week and here he is with David Brown of Previse. Brown was the founder of Oxygen Finance and has been a visionary around supply chain finance and related areas for years, and we had an excellent £7.95 set lunch in a small Thai restaurant near Kings Cross with him. Previse is very interesting, all about “artificial intelligence for payment decisions” and deserves a full article from us soon …


Some good news this week as more Carillion workers were told their jobs are safe. After the crash of the construction and services firm, the Insolvency Service said that 4,400 staff who worked in prison maintenance and services for military bases (catering, cleaning, etc)  would transfer to other firms who will carry out the work. We don’t know which firms or what the process was for transferring the work though – it would be interesting to know how that was done under the procurement regulations.


Huawei, the Chinese networking equipment and smartphone manufacturer, has made a £3 billion procurement commitment to the UK in a bid to expand its presence in the country. Huawei chairwoman Sun Yafang met with British prime minister Theresa May the other day to sign a pledge to plough billions into the British economy. The firm employs 1500 staff in the UK and we assume this pledge is about buying from UK suppliers? What is interesting is that once upon a time there was real concern that Huawei might be tied in to Chinese high-tech spying – but then the CIO for the UK government, John Suffolk, went off and joined them, so everything must have been OK, mustn’t it?


We’ve featured a couple of interesting procurement jobs here recently, and we saw another one just yesterday.  We should say immediately that with a salary of just £18,500, it is not going to set too many hearts racing with excitement. But, as the IT and Procurement Officer for Lincoln Cathedral, you may of course receive non-financial (and non-worldly) rewards that are truly out of this world. And you will be working for what is quite possibly the most beautiful cathedral in the world (I'm quite proud of my photo here).  One assumes that with a salary at that level, it might appeal to someone semi-retired (or who for other reasons doesn’t really need the money) with a real religious commitment?  Mind you, property is really cheap in Lincoln.


Pale Waves look most likely to be this year’s indie band to hit the big time - the current rules of pop music mean we are only allowed to have one UK indie band a year breaking through, by the way.  Arguably this new single, The Tide is more pure “pop” than indie, but it’s very catchy and we can imagine the kids singing along with the chorus at this summer’s festivals …

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