Procurement Transformation – the latest Real World Sourcing briefing

Thanks to everyone who came to the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing expert briefing last week titled “Transforming Procurement - Myth or Reality”?  We had a full house for this, the last session of 2013, although we will be back with six more exciting topics for 2014, I’m delighted to say.

And I know this isn’t why people attend the sessions (he said optimistically), but the lunch at Bentley’s really was superb – the Butternut Squash soup, not usually a favourite of mine, was sublime.

Anyway, you can get a copy of the slides from the session here.   And soon, the top ten entrants who have completed the quizzes after each breifing session will be coming to the "end of  term” dinner at the Wolseley in Piccadilly on December 11th, when we will find out who has won the BravoSolution scholarship, worth £2,500. That's going to be a really good evening, I’m sure.

So, I hear you saying, that’s all great, and you told us you ran a fun quiz at the event last week, but what did you actually talk about?

Well, we started with a definition of transformation – going back to a bit of a debate we had here on Spend Matters about a year ago. The conclusions from that led us to this definition last week:

       Procurement transformation means delivering significant results and benefits to the organisation.

       To call it transformation, it needs to be a step change in performance and benefits, which we suggest means both significant in scale AND achieved relatively quickly (otherwise it would be a slope, not a step…)

       It cannot be just the usual continuous improvement that we should all be aiming for constantly.

       And it is very unlikely to be effective if it merely looks at the procurement function, as opposed to the wider organisation .

We then covered – and I did stress that in a single session we couldn’t get into a lot of detail – the process for transformation. In parallel to that, we looked at the stakeholder engagement that needs to run alongside and be aligned with what we might call the transformational activities. That engagement is absolutely critical to successful transformation.

So, do take a look at the slides. And look out for more on the topic as we’re planning a major series on transformation, probably in the New Year now, given we’re now entering the pre-Christmas brain meltdown period!

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