Procurement trumps finance in CIPS Salary Survey – I don’t believe it!

Apparently (according to the survey conducted by CIPS and consultancy Croner Reward) procurement professionals are paid more than any other function.

No, sorry, don't believe it.  Most Procurement Directors - certainly in service and public sectors - report to a CFO, who I can guarantee is paid significantly more.  I can't comment on Finance and Procurement managers lower down the food chain but at the top - Finance rules OK.

I was on a very nice salary in my last CPO role 10 years ago.  But it was probably less than a quarter of what my boss, the CFO made.  And I suspect there were at least another 10 Finance people around the (large) organisation who made more than me.

So pinch of salt time...

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Voices (2)

  1. Frank Tudor:

    If it isn’t, it should be!

  2. David Smith:

    April Fool!

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