Procurement Tweeters – who to follow?

When we wrote about Twitter recently, we had a very reasonable comment from Michael Kirby who said “If someone was new to twitter, who would be your top 5 people to follow on procurement matters?”

A great question and one that has sent me into a paralytic state of indecision for the last two weeks or so! I’ve thought about categorising my suggestions; expanding out beyond just procurement people and so on. But perhaps I should just answer the question.

I’ll avoid the obvious suggestions of my business partners (@Spend Matters, @Metal Miner) and also those who in the main promote a single publication rather than adding anything personal or going more widely in what they recommend (Supply Management, Purchasing Insight, Harvard Business Review, Forrester, FT and other papers, consulting firms, software providers... ) although it’s well worth following the ones who interest you . And the procurement Institutes haven’t yet got the hang of it at all...

Anyway, here are five who would give you a good blend of procurement and related news and views with an element of something more personal.

@DAtkinson4PC - David Atkinson is perhaps the procurement professional (consultant, trainer, lecturer) who has best embraced Twitter as a personal and business “brand builder” – not in a calculating manner, he’s just very good at it, and combines personal and business stuff very well.

@arunsrinivasan3 - Arun Srinivasan is VP, Marketing and Strategy at Fieldglass, and writes a good combination of business links and some personal comment.  (@FieldglassInc is also one of the better ‘solution provider’ Twitters)

 @DrGordy- Gordon Murray, procurement academic and consultant, doesn’t write much personally but is very good for links to a range of interesting procurement stuff

@j_p_webb - Jonathan Webb works for the Procurement Intelligence Unit – we could go for his boss as well @markperera who is interesting and varied. Jonathan was Tweeting through the recent riots (in his street) which made for quite a dramatic evening following him!

@fastcompany - Not really procurement, but technology and inspiration and a good one to follow

Anyone want to nominate any other worthwhile procurement Tweeters?

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  1. Gordon Murray:

    Thanks Peter. This explains the new found interst in my tweeting. I suspose it also means I should express more personal views which may reduce my empoyment opportunities.

  2. David Atkinson:

    Hey, thanks Peter. I wondered why all my new followers were procurement types!

    I do, however, have a warning for anyone who chooses to follow me, especially if they’re using Twitter to access procurement-related news, technology, soloootions, and the like. I mainly use Twitter as a general news source (I’ve haven’t picked up a physical newspaper in months) and use it myself to share, argue, vent, have a laugh, and comment on all things related to politics, business, music, football, economics, even ‘days out’.

    These days my main Twitter interest in procurement matters tends to be more towards the edge of the profession; e.g. ‘systems-thinking’ and it’s potential for positively impacting procurement, strategy mapping and implementation, the future role of procurement and, my primary source of business revenue, my work in SRM. All this serious stuff is mainly tweeted by my alter ego @FourPillars4PC. If anyone’s interest is very definitely and wholly business-focused, best follow me there.

    I see some others recommended in the comments above. I follow almost all of them and particularly enjoy those that share some of their personal interests. It’s always nice to know there’s a human in there!

    Finally, if you’re new to Twitter and are thinking it’s great for business; I have my doubts. But it IS a load of fun and it’s continually stimulating. Just don’t be tempted to auto-tweet, espcially if you’ve a ‘product’ to sell.

  3. stephen ashcroft:

    @tcummins at IACCM is a consistently interesting read and the @psbdelegation daily aggregation of P&SC news is useful


  4. Jenna:

    @EdwardLJackson is another great one to check out. He publishes a weekly report on a variety of topics, including spend management tips.
    Check out his most recent report here:

  5. Jonathan Webb:

    Procurement celebratory is beckoning…

    The Procurement Leaders boys are certainly worth checking out (@thestephenhall and @david_rae)

    @gpetersmith isn’t too bad either…

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