Procurement Value – Our Webinar Next Month Has (Some) Answers

We’ve been putting together a programme of webinars for the autumn season, working with some of our regular solution provider partners and a new name or two.

The range of topics looks broad, relevant and (we think) interesting, from how to make a convincing business case for investment in supply chain risk management, to how you can better manage the procurement function and increase / improve output – there’ s a topic that doesn’t get considered as much as it should!

But the first webinar post holidays is on Tuesday September 25th, and we’re pitching in to one of the biggest issues and hottest topics for procurement today – how do we define, communicate and of course deliver “procurement value”?  It is titled "Procurement Delivers Value in Eight Ways – Savings Is Only One of Them"!

Everybody agrees that procurement has to be about “value”, not just cost savings, yet how many functions are measured on value? In our experience, in most cases savings is still the key and sometimes the only measure.  But then how many procurement executives really understand the different ways in which procurement can deliver organisational value, and know how to communicate that in business language to senior colleagues?

And here’s an interesting question – in how many fundamentally different ways does procurement provide value? We’ve thought about this a lot, and with the help of Chris Lonsdale and the University of Birmingham MBA groups over the past few years, during which time I’ve been running an annual workshop there, we have an answer. Which is …. well, I wasn't going to tell you, until I realised we'd given you the answer in the title of the webinar! Oh well...but we'll even tell you what those options are on the 25th.

So this session will provide some theoretical thinking about these issues, but there are some practical points that we hope you can take away. Just by having that very clear view of those different routes to value, for instance, and how they relate to key business measures, we suspect many functions could take steps towards being seen as more strategic and valued by their organisations.

Anyway, join John Callan and me on the 25th for our session. John is a Product and Marketing Director at spend management tech firm Coupa and his Masters in Aerospace Engineering included a thesis titled, “The Effects of a Changing Aspect Ratio through a Wind Tunnel Contraction". That makes him particularly well suited to talk about … er… OK, let’s just say he is a very thoughtful and no BS guy, and we’ve already had some good conversations about this topic. I’m particularly looking forward to getting some meaty questions from our delegates that he and I can get stuck into.

Registration is here; even if you can’t make that time/ date, do register and you will be able to access the webinar after the event.

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