Procurious Big Ideas Summit – Coming Soon

As we get into the spring conference season, we’re only a month away now from the Procurious Big Ideas Summit, an “unprecedented think-tank event” organised by the social media innovators on April 21st in London.

There’s a fascinating mix of speakers, from some of the “usual suspects” such as technology firms IBM and Coupa (every event needs some sponsors …) to the sort of folk who we don’t normally get at procurement events – so for instance, Elizabeth Linder, Facebook’s Politics & Government Specialist and brand ambassador for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region, will discuss the importance of social media and how it is breaks all boundaries for collaboration and influence.

The four main themes for the event are as follows:

  • Thinking the Unthinkable: How the global business environment is changing, how to spot trends and disruptions, and “unthinkables” to prepare for.
  • Rethinking the Possible: Today’s megatrends, from ethical supply chains and on-demand services to the Internet of Things.
  • The Conversation Century: How leaders are using social media to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and maintain a career edge.
  • Procurement’s Blind Spots: How procurement is applying key agile capabilities, and addressing “unthinkable” risk mitigation issues.

Attendance is limited to around 50 and is by invitation only, but you can participate and get involved via social media and other routes if you register here.

“On April 21, when they click to Procurious, they will also be able to exchange viewpoints on the proceedings, shared by video, and get involved in real time via social media, on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, using the hashtag #BigIdeas2016. Members will also be able to access more rich content in the days and weeks after this gathering”.

We asked Lisa Malone of Procurious why she thinks people should get involved;  here's what she has to say.

“What excites me most about The Big Ideas Summit is our ability to open the most thorny procurement questions and complex business challenges up to 'the crowd’.

When it comes to solving problems, we’ve long understood the benefit of ‘two heads is often better than one’. Over the last 5 years, however, social-media platforms like Procurious have allowed us to achieve collaboration and innovation on a scale that involves a greater diversity of experience and perspectives than that of even the biggest procurement teams or even whole companies.”

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