Procurious Big Ideas Summit Returns to London

We’re pleased to publish this sponsored message from Procurious, the leading online network for procurement and supply chain professionals. Spend Matters attended the first couple of their “Big Ideas Summits” in London and can vouch for the fact that they were thought-provoking, enjoyable, stimulating - and a bit different. Read more ...

Big Ideas Summit is the world's first digitally-led procurement event. With a global reputation as the most innovative leadership event for the profession, Big Ideas 2018 once again promises to light up social media, spark vigorous discussions and crowd-source ideas for the future of the profession.

Following events in Chicago and Melbourne, the event is back where it all began in London, energising and inspiring procurement leaders to think bigger and better than ever before!

Powered by Procurious - the world’s biggest online network for procurement and supply chain professionals - Big Ideas Summit is a unique event because, whilst it offers 50 CPOs the chance to attend the day in person, any number of procurement professionals from across the globe can register online as digital delegates to follow the day’s action live from the comfort of their own homes.

What Is It?  The Big Ideas Summit is a globally renowned, innovative procurement leadership event hosted digitally by Procurious. There are just 50 places available to attend in person and attendees will be joined online by thousands of Digital Delegates keen to discuss strategies, ask questions and hear what’s on the mind of Procurement’s Top Influencers.

Attendees will meet with like-minded CPOs and hear from the world’s most dynamic thinkers to imagine, plan and design procurement leadership success.

Digital delegates can follow the day’s events live via the Procurious site and submit questions to speakers and attendees.

This year, our Big Thinkers will tackle:

  • Bringing the Future Forward - Bob Murphy, CPO, IBM
  • How to Keep a Poker Face Under Pressure - Caspar Berry, Risk Taking & Decision-Making Expert, Professional Poker Player
  • News from the Edge: How Technology is Going to Change Business - Sophie Hackford, Former WIRED Director of Consulting, Digital Futurist
  • Engineering Serendipity - Why Innovation is Fundamentally Social - Greg Lindsay, Futurist and Urbanist

Find out more via our dedicated website where you can request an invitation to attend in-person or sign up as a digital delegate.

Where: The Soho Hotel, Richmond Mews, London, W1D 3DH

When: April 26, 8:30am – 5:30pm, followed by Networking Drinks, Canapes and a Poker Tutorial

Cost:  £490 + VAT (for live attendees).

Or, register online (free of charge).

With partners IBM, The Hackett Group, Odesma and SAP Ariba, Procurious cannot wait to share their Big Ideas with you!

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