Procurious Big Ideas Video – Peter Smith and the Death of Procurement

We announced our next Pub Debate here, with the topic “Is Procurement Doomed”?

And if you want to hear some more about where I’m coming from on this question, you can see my video from the recent Procurious Big Ideas Summit below. The idea during the day itself was to give a pretty much off-the-cuff two minutes to the camera on our “big idea”, so this was not a highly scripted piece, just a top of the head view on where the “profession” might be going.

It seems to me that technology is making it easier for users and budget holders to do more themselves in the procurement space. And the growing realisation of the importance of suppliers to organisations’ own objectives and success might ironically make the procurement function less important - whilst the whole organisation sees it as more so.

Are there things we can do to stave off this imminent wipe out of the whole, wonderful procurement species? Well, perhaps. And we might just get into some of these issues on June 23rd in London at the debate (put it in your diary) but you can see and hear more via this video now. Thanks to Procurious anyway for the chance to hold forth about this on YouTube. But I’m not quite at the “cute cats” level of views yet, I’m sorry to say. Or even the “not very cute cats” views.

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