Procurement and Supply Chain Risk; Dr Russill speaks..

I had the pleasure of a cup of coffee with Dr Richard Russill yesterday.  Dick is a personal (unofficial)  mentor and one of the people who have most inspired me in my career.  He invented CLAN; was a founder of the PMMS consulting firm; and has written, thought and spoken more about procurement in his life than pretty much anyone else I know.  And I used to think I was a pretty good conference presenter till I saw him in action...

Anyway, we got talking about what the big issues have been in the procurement world over the last year or two.  We both (and perhaps it is a sign of age to be fair) see the endless cycles; the banks have been increasingly interested in procurement as times get tough for instance, but will that last when the better times return? And centralisation / decentralisation is a regular cycle...

I suggested though that risk management was a 'trend' that was likely to continue and that the events of the last couple of  years had probably put supply chain risk firmly and permanently on the map.  At that point, Dick confessed that he has a new book appearing shortly; A Short Guide to Procurement Risk!  It is out any day now, and I will of course be reviewing it here. OK, he's a mate, but I'll try and be scrupulously fair.

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