Product vs. services supply chains: differences? Discuss!

Greetings from Chicago, where the trees are lovely, there's a nip in the breeze, and the impending winter doom is nigh. Here's what happened across the pond this week:

Pierre Mitchell requests your expert opinions in a survey we have running right now on the differences between product supply chains and services supply chains. He says: "If product supply chains are running at 6 Sigma, at what level of rigor do you manage services spending? Is there a gap? To find out, we’re running a SHORT snap poll (<10 minutes) that will assess the difference between: 1) direct goods procurement and 2) the "workforce supply chain" for labor-based services (which includes contingent labor, contractors, consultants, and related spending). Supply chain and HR professionals are both welcome to participate." We'd love for you to participate - take the survey here!

We held an extremely popular and successful (if I do say so myself) webinar on the death of traditional catalogs. We even had a last minute surprise guest join to tell her story: Laura Lee, a VP of Procurement at Cemex. If catalogs are your game, you're welcome to watch the recording here and don't hesitate to reach out to me for a copy of the slides either.

We released a brand-new research paper called Reducing Costs By Optimizing the Financial Supply Chain, in which we surveyed over 300 procurement professionals on how they've managed to do just that.

I wrote a very hippie-dippie follow-up to my original coverage from the IACCM Americas coverage about how contract management people are important too.

Ebola continues to wreck more havoc by the day, despite how many czars we appoint to deal with it. So what's it got to do with your supply chain?

Jason Busch ponders, how big is too big in a sourcing event in "Think Through Event Size Limits - Courtesy of a Sourcing Optimization Guru (Part 1)." Part 2 is here.

No music this week, I'm afraid - unless you have any suggestions for me? I'm fresh out!

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