Professor Handfield on The Digital Procurement Era – BravoSolution Webinar

The next webinar in the BravoSolution Real World Procurement series is on May 23rd with Professor Robert Handfield telling us all about “The Digital Procurement Era”.  As usual, the webinar will run twice on that day, with a 12 noon (UK time) slot designed for us Europeans, and a 7pm (or 2pm US East Coast) for the American audience. You can book here.  Key topics are:

  • How can digital supply chains help drive visibility, capabilities, knowledge management, cost reduction, contract compliance, risk, and flexibility in the face of uncertainty?
  • What is the nature of these changes in the digital ecosystem?
  • How to map a strategy that establishes links between the types of business questions, sources of data, and the role of digital platforms in informing strategic decisions across the supply chain.
  • A “checklist” of issues to help you assess how these changes will impact their jobs and their working environment.

A personal confession - I’m still not quite sure I understand the difference between “digital” and just “technology” or “computers”. Apart from the fact that digital sounds better and sexier, that is. Let’s face it, telling someone you work “in computing” never sounded that impressive, but talking about your career in “digital” has more of a ring to it.

Anyway, Handfield is going to fill us in on the undoubtedly huge and rapid changes that are going on in procurement and supply chain activities. We are beginning to see the impact of greater visibility and real-time information, for instance, but there is much further to go in terms of likely changes. Customer behaviour is also evolving, driving more changes in how supply chains need to be configured. Speed of response is now an imperative, and the direction of change can be unexpected.  I would never have guessed a few years ago that I would see a constant stream of grocery delivery vans going past my window, for instance.

There are also implications for the way we work too, and Spend Matters (through our guru Andrew Karpie) in the US has featured the many issues around the “gig economy” and different ideas for how firms use contingent labour and external experts in the digital era. I don’t know if Handfield is going to touch on that – but I might just ask him a question or two if he doesn’t!

We’ll find out on the 25th; do sign up and join the session then.

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