Providers to know and to watch, NASA’s spend management (or lack of), and Soviet rock

The 50/50 lists on Providers to Know and Providers to Watch are out at last! The former features many of the procurement old guard and the latter the smaller, up-and-coming players. The discussions that the lists sparked have been interesting, to say the least, rivaling the hours of internal debates that took place. However, everyone agreed that this isn’t a matter of winning, and as Sheena Moore put it, no “awards dinner with gross wine and awkward small talk.”

“What about an awards dinner with good wine and scintillating small talk?” asks commenter Kris Colby. Please, small steps. All we have to offer at the moment are these lists and the following news:

  • Thomas Kase interviewed NBTY’s George Zullo on how his team identified $20 million in savings in Year 1. Download the webinar recording here.
  • Pierre Mitchell put together a 21-point “health check” for your procurement scorecard (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Use these questions to give your scorecard an honest assessment.
  • In America we have this government agency called NASA, and while they are good at travelling to moons and other faraway places, they’re not good at spend management. Their own Inspector General put out a rather scathing report on the agency’s wasteful spending.
  • What are your thoughts on using OCR for invoice management? Coupa’s J.R. Robertson compares it to hitching a horse to a buggy in a recent guest post.
  • Finally, no procurement blog is complete without a conspiracy theory about missing planes.

Kino was a rock group that rose to Beatles-level fame in the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev era and ended when the lead singer died in a car accident in 1990. This song, one of my favorites, is from their 1988 album titled Gruppa Krovi ("Blood Type").

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  1. Stephen Ashcroft:

    I would have liked to have seen Procurisk from Brian Farrington Ltd on your lists.

    Full disclosure… I’m from Brian Farrington Ltd

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