Proving Your Procurement Value – Real World Procurement on November 30th

We’re getting close to our final Real World Procurement session of the year, courtesy of BravoSolution. On November 30th at Smith and Wollensky off the Strand in London, it’s my turn to lead (Guy Allen has now done his quota), and we can honestly say this is a really fundamentally important topic – Proving Your Procurement Value.

When I was a  young lad in the procurement world, I had this idealistic view that if I did a really good job, the organisation would recognise that and reward me. I didn’t need to shout about it, “market” myself or my team or work too hard at quantifying the value we were creating. Obvious, wasn’t it?

Well … no it wasn’t, I’m afraid. I learnt over the years that it really helps if you do a good job, but it is almost more important that your peers, senior management and stakeholders believe you are doing a god job. Doing good work is probably a necessary but not sufficient condition for success, as the mathematicians would say.

At this session, we will in a sense pull together all the core processes and enablers we have talked about through this year’s Real World Procurement series (sourcing, transactional management, supplier management, people and tools). They are all important; but don’t help the procurement function if the rest of the organisation is not convinced that procurement is truly adding value!

We need to understand ourselves how we add value; in our experience, that is a fundamental problem for many procurement organisations. Value comes from a number of sources and activities; do we know what they are? Then we need to plan and track activities; we must monitor performance; we need to produce convincing measures of performance (and no, “savings” is not good enough); and we need to communicate and “sell” what we do to those stakeholders.

As usual, it will be an interactive session followed by Q&A over a decent networking lunch. Tickets are reasonably priced; and CIPS members can get 50% off the fee by emailing with your CIPS Membership Number to receive your discount code. Or you can book directly here .

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