Not just Proxima who have their own car – 4C get in on the act!

Not only does there appear to be a re-branding war going on in the procurement outsourcing space with Proxima and Procurian fighting it out, we're getting into a "my car is bigger and better  than yours" battle as well!

We 've reported on the two Proxima concept cars that have been developed in the past, but now procurement consultants / outsourcers, 4C have highlighted an impressive bit of one-upmanship.

Guy Allen, 4C's new recruit as a Managing Partner and an ex Fujitsu global CPO has been in touch to say this -

"4C would like to point out that there is also a rather fine, real car being developed by Alfa Romeo, bearing the 4C name".

Here it is, from the Top Gear website.

Alfa Romeo 4C (copyright Top Gear)

It is going to be an actual production car, available in 2013 apparently at "under £45,000".  And as the Top Gear website says,

"It will be distinctly exotic, but remarkable value".

Very much like Guy Allen then.

It's certainly a good looking car, stylish and exciting. Very much like..  no, that's enough I think!

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