Public Administration Select Committee on public procurement skills tomorrow (gulp…)

I’m appearing as a witness at the parliamentary Public Administration Select Committee hearing on procurement tomorrow at 10.30am, with a specific focus on procurement skills and capability. I’m told they may also want to pick up on the comments I made about the “Crown Purchasing Office” idea  (the idea of the single procurement organisation for the entire public sector).

On the skills side, they’re likely I suspect to be interested in the public / private sector comparison, we may get into the “lean” training the Government Procurement Service has been pushing, and I’m hopeful they might want to look at skills going beyond the core procurement community. How do we get senior executives generally in the public sector to understand better commercial and procurement matters?

The Procurement Talent conference last week (see here) was very timely actually – lots of ideas and ammunition from that that I hope to use tomorrow.

It will, I believe, be streamed live here, although you may have to root around a little to find it! This is the same Committee in front of which that Jon Hughes and Colin Cram appeared recently, as we reported here. I honestly wasn’t sure about accepting – what a great opportunity to make a fool of yourself – but in the end, it’s a new experience, and a chance to try and influence some reasonably important people, so I thought I should accept.

David Noble and Andrew Coulcher of CIPS are appearing in the same session as me, and before us, Tim Heywood of legal firm Burges Salmon LLP, Tim Cummins of the International Association of Commercial and Contract Management, and Paul Chapman from the UK Government Major Projects Leadership Academy are performing at the 9 am session if you want to listen to them. Their focus may be more around risk management I believe.

Anyway, I will no doubt be blogging shortly about the outcome, if I haven’t been totally humiliated,  and if I have, I’ll see you in the Wet minster Arms later that afternoon for a consolatory beer or three..

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  1. Sam Unkim:

    Careful you might get made an offer you cannot refuse

    Sounds like it will carry a pretty automatic knighthood (down the line) – Arise Sir Peter of Smith !!

  2. Tom Harrison:

    Best of luck Peter. Sure you’ll do another great job following on from chairing Procurement Talent 2013. Very interested in outcomes on the talent/skills side as we’re looking at how we can channel the momentum from the conference into more services of real value to procurement recruiters across all sectors.

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