Public Procurement – A Cornucopia of Historical Documents …

Our old friend, Ken Cole, who has done sterling work around public sector procurement for many years (and publishes a very good local government procurement focused newsletter, “The Catalyst” ), got in touch last week.

He is looking to dispose of quite a range of interesting procurement-related publications, around 80 documents, mainly public sector focused, accumulated since the 1980s which, he says “would be of great value to CIPS students, post grads, researchers etc. Many of these are not available in digital format”.  Here is the list List-of-Publications-for-Disposal

It is quite  a list, and I’m tempted to take them myself but the Spend Matters library (the bookcase in  my study) is bursting at the seams already! And, as Ken says, it would be a great shame if they ended up in recycling. I’d second that; there is material of real economic and political historical interest here, we suspect. Perhaps NAO would be interested? The Institute for Government? Or our procurement academic friends at the Universities of  Liverpool, Birmingham,  Bristol or Swansea?

Ken is not looking for any financial return on this, by the way, only any shipping costs (if that is relevant), so if you are interested, please drop him an email at

Before it goes off to its ultimate home though Ken, I really would like to have a personal look at “Government Purchasing: A review of Government Contract and Procurement Procedures. Report to the Prime Minister (1984)” which I believe was the first UK government review of procurement, commissioned by Margaret Thatcher. And perhaps the 1988 follow-up too …

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