Public procurement makes the headlines again

Peter Rushton at the CIPS dinner spoke about procurement matters getting featured on the Today programme; here's a great example, as Francis Maude explains on BBC Breakfast yesterday (before the demonstration in London) how procurement action is helping reduce the pain of public spending cuts (it's about 45 seconds into this clip).

Judging it in a strictly non-political sense... I have to say I thought Maude was very good. Just keep repeating the, "we were spending £4 for every £3 in income" thing.  As the father of a 21 year old, the line that my generation has been living beyond our means, at personal and national level, and we have to do something about it or our children and grandchildren will suffer, is very powerful even if it is not always an easy message to take.

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  1. Dan:

    In other news, Lord Digby Jones has a book out….

  2. Christine Morton:

    And here, too, in today’s news – Oh the callous civil servants simply following EU rules! And even then, requiring environmentally friendly cars! The horror!

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