Public procurement post for the Supply Management blog – a taster

Well, apart from watching some pretty poor football*, I have been thinking about public procurement as usual, and writing my next piece for the Supply Management blog, which I expect will be published tomorrow.

I've made a decision that might cost me some potential work, but in the spirit of honest and open comment, I'm going to predict in my piece that one of the coalition's new procurement initiatives is unlikely to work.

I'm not making any political point; we all know that cuts and savings must be made. But that makes it even more important that procurement contributes as much as it possibly can. As we said in our White Paper, every £30,000 of genuine procurement savings keeps another nurse, teacher or Job Centre adviser in a job.  So public procurement approaches over the next year or two need to be spot on to maximise benefit.

Anyway, see the SM Blog tomorrow to observe me sticking my neck out....!

* I played in goal for my junior school team.  Unfortunately, when I went to secondary school, the crossbar was suddenly 8 feet off the ground rather than the 6 feetI was used to.  I was 4ft 5  inches at the age of 11, so that was the end of my goalkeeping career!   But I was taught by my Father from an early age, that even if it looked a little unnecessary, you got down with your whole body sideways behind the ball when fielding low shots - so if it did deviate or you didn't stop it cleanly, you were blocking (in my case) at least 4ft 5 inches of the goal-line.

Did no one ever tell Robert Green this?

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