Public Sector Procurement Breakfast next week

Regular readers will know that I’m not short of views on public sector procurement (see our last post below...)

But I try and be balanced – I’ve always argued strongly for instance that the best people in the public sector are just as good as the best in the private, and many of the apparent procurement  issues in the public sector are around factors that sit well outside procurement’s control.

Anyway, I’ve been given the chance to talk about my views by Emptoris, who have invited me to speak at an "executive breakfast" next week. I’ll be talking about some of the key issues facing the sector, and what I think public procurement executives should be doing to position themselves as well as possible for the challenging times ahead.  Emptoris will also be talking about some interesting – and important - ideas they have for better use of e-sourcing in the sector.

I’ll also be explaining the three big risks for procurement in the public sector, which go by the great acronym of “SOD”!

So if you are a senior procurement person in the public sector, and you want to hear more about the event, please drop an email now to

The breakfast will be at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, off Whitehall, 8 for an 8.30 am start on Thursday 21st June (we’ll finish by 10am).  I'm looking forward to some interesting discussion and  very much hope to see some of you there...

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