Public sector Spending Challenge – Treasury publishes ideas

The Treasury has published some of the ideas coming out of the public sector Spending Challenge - soon to be opened up to members of the public I believe.

Some are a bit obvious - my heart sank when I saw 'shared services' as first on the list - but my natural cynicism decreased as I read though them and started thinking, "yes, you're absolutely right about that!"   And  around half, as you might expect, relate to procurement in some way, if we include demand management under that heading.  Some are pretty unsophisticated (none the worse for that) but there are some good more subtle observations on the IT market for instance.

The test in all of these things of course will be what actually happens next.  Will any of the good ideas get implemented?   It's a bit like publishing the list of highly paid public sector staff; if the list is exactly the same length (or even longer) as we approach the next election, then the greater openness we're seeing will be an open goal for opposition parties. But we should applaud the coalition I feel for at least giving citizens the chance to contribute.

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