Public Spend Forum – a new US website from Spend Matters and Censeo Consulting

My US colleague Jason Busch and Spend Matters US have teamed up to launch a new US website – Public Spend Forum. It is a partnership with Censeo Consulting, a major US government procurement consulting firm.  Here’s Jason:

Indeed, Public Spend Forum would not be possible without the deep public sector expertise and enthusiasm that the Censeo team brings. My co-founder of Public Spend Forum, Raj Sharma, who is also the founder and CEO of Censeo, often tells colleagues, “Now, let’s go change the world.” And he truly means it. Raj is on a mission to improve public sector outcomes. He knows that creating such a revolution can’t be done just by advising key stakeholders in government. It must become a self-sustaining movement based on ideas that inspire what public sector procurement is capable of achieving.

This is where Public Spend Forum comes into the equation – for both Raj and me. The two of us don’t simply want to create a new successful site. We believe that the world can be a better place if public sector organizations approached spending more efficiently and effectively.

I have, I must confess, thought about splitting this site into two and running a specifically public sector site. Resource constraints as much as anything have stopped me doing that – so I’m slightly jealous of Jonathan Messinger, editor of the new site!

The site will be very US focused, although I may drop in the odd contribution, and if you have a real conceptual interest in public procurement, I suspect there will be some read-across to UK and Europe issues as well. Their goal is to provide public sector leaders, practitioners, and policy makers with the following:

  • Best practice insight from industry thought leaders, academia, and public sector practitioners
  • Industry news and updates
  • Networking discussion forums, webinars, and events

So I hope and think there will be some cross-pollination between us, and I look forward to reading all about the wonderful world of US government procurement, shutdowns and all...!

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