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Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to the exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement and further afield, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. Before you think about switching off, it's worth remembering that around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider. So here is a roundup of what we were discussing last week.

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US Government Procurement Survey - Some Familiar Findings for Europe

Data intelligence firm, Onvia, has released the results of its first ever government procurement survey. Now, while this survey garners intelligence from 500-plus government procurement professionals and agencies in the US, its results are rather telling and are a good benchmark for government practitioners in Europe too. It is useful insight for both buyers and sellers in the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace.

Single-Supplier Framework In London - Guaranteeing Value Will Not Be Easy

A new UK public sector contract raises some interesting issues that go beyond the specific category, contracting authority or indeed country. It concerns a framework agreement put in place by three London boroughs to provide technology-related services. It is good to see local councils collaborating, although we believe it is not wise to aggregate for aggregation's sake. Our view is that economies of scale only exist in certain spend areas and to a certain point. We discuss ...

A Case of Private Sector versus Public Body Going Head to Head for Community Adult Care Provision – Part 1

Procurement law firm, gunnercooke, analyses the recent case of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust versus NHS Swale CCG and NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley. The claimant and incumbent provider was Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, which was challenging the award of a contract for adult community services by NHS Swale & Dartford CCGs following a competitive dialogue procedure. The winner of the contract was Virgin Care, whose bid had scored lower on quality, but higher than the Trust on price. It raises some interesting questions around those situations where public and private service providers compete against each other for government contracts.

A Case of Private Sector versus Public Body Going Head to Head for Community Adult Care Provision – Part 2

The case serves to highlight what will certainly be a more commonly encountered issue going forward, namely how one takes into account factors that are perhaps not directly related to the quality or price of the service being procured, but which are relevant nonetheless, especially if one takes a more strategic view. In part 2, gunnercooke discusses the different scenarios and offers some insight into what Brexit might mean to revising some of the codes that govern these types of case.

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