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Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. Around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider. So here is a roundup of what we were discussing this week. If you find anything interesting, please click through to the full article:

Theresa May's New Direction and What It Might Mean for Public Procurement

We take a look at the new direction the ruling UK Conservative party appears to be taking following the trauma of the Brexit vote and the appointment of Theresa May as the new Prime Minister. There will be implications certainly for the rest of Europe too. There are many questions and issues around what could actually be done, but the direction of the new government seems to be firmly on the side of the consumer and the citizen rather than big business.

When To Use a Prime Contractor - Thoughts from MOD & Steve Morgan

The UK’s Ministry of Defence Commercial Director talks about the MOD procurement initiatives he and the team are taking, particularly in the area of encouraging competition, both generally and specifically through trying to get more small firms into the supply chain. He believes that smaller suppliers can offer lower costs, they can be hungrier and more supportive than larger firms. He makes a very interesting point that applies to anyone who is using a prime contractor model ...

Public Procurement Podcasts – Pedro Telles Talks to Ana Ramirez on Regulating Public Procurement

In the latest of the Public Procurement Podcasts, where Dr Pedro Telles of Swansea University conducts a series of interviews with, leading academics, researchers and graduates who have an interesting viewpoint on aspects of public sector procurement, Telles talks to Ana Cristina Calderon Ramirez from the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance. Ana discusses her paper and research on the regulation of public procurement in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Greenwich Symposium On December 8th - Public Procurement And Human Rights

Last year, we attended and wrote about the Greenwich Symposium on responsible procurement. This year's event has now been announced, and again will be held in the beautiful and historical surroundings of Greenwich University. It will be held on Thursday, December 8th, and this year the title is "Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Human Rights Risks in the Global Supply Chain: Roles and Responsibilities of Public Buyers". More details here ...

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