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Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. Around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider. So here is a roundup of what we were discussing this week. If you find anything interesting, please click through to the full article:

CMS Toolbox of Public Procurement Remedies for Central Europe

A useful new publication CMS Toolbox of Remedies in CEE Public Procurement has been launched from major law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna. It looks at the EU Remedies Directive, which covers how bidders can challenge contracting authorities and the penalties if authorities have acted wrongly, across six eastern European countries. They are Hungary; the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The toolbox contains a short one-page guide for each CEE jurisdiction and “aims to provide a helpful and handy overview”. As we know, because the EU Directives have to be translated into national legislation, there is considerable scope for national governments to make their own specific laws.

What Might President Trump Mean For European Public Procurement?

We had a “Trump Day” on Spend Matters UK earlier this week, when we published several articles looking at the US election result and what it might mean for business people in Europe. So on Public Spend Forum, we considered those specific points and issues that might impact public sector procurement in Europe, looking particularly at Trade and Protectionism, Competition, and Defence.

Transport In Berlin - Chaos and Corruption

We had a 'difficult' experience in Berlin recently trying to get around the capital on public transport, especially to Schonefeld Airport. So this post focuses on the disorganisation of the train stations, the embarrassing issues faced by Germany over the building of the new Brandenburg airport, and the case of a former department head at the airport being jailed after admitting in court to taking a huge bribe from a subcontractor.

Guide to Buying Professional Services (Part 1)

We present the first in a series of guides to buying professional services. It is is one of the largest “master spend categories” now for many private and government sector organisations alike, and one of the most challenging for organisations and buyers. For the purposes of this series, we consider three core spend categories with the wider professional services classification: IT and Management Consulting, Legal Services and Auditing Services. Then go on to explain the challenges.

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